Top A2X Alternative for Amazon Sellers

updated on 18 November 2020

In 2017, we started out using A2XAccounting. At the time it was great - quick, easy to use, and affordable. Over the years, A2X has expanded its features, along with its price. 😠😠😠 While some features were great, it definitely did not warrant the monthly cost hike. So, we started looking for the top A2X alternative.

What is great about A2X . . .

✅ QuickBooks and Xero Integration

A2X works with both QuickBooks and Xero.

✅ Shopify Integration

A2X also connects Shopify with QuickBooks (in addition to Amazon).

What is not so great about A2X . . .

What is not so great about A2X . . .

❌ Price

The biggest drawback of using A2X is the price. A2X’s Starter plan currently is $49 / month for 1,000 orders/month - a bit pricy, especially when you also have to pay for QuickBooks or Xero.

❌ Limited History

The Starter plan only comes with 12 months of the transaction history.

❌ Limited Marketplaces

The Starter plan only comes with an account for 1 region. If you sell internationally across regions, the MULTI-COUNTRY 5K increases to $99 / month.

❌ Support

A2X only provides 1:1 onboarding support for the Premium plan ($139 / month) or up. They do provide support through chat.

❌ Difficult to Setup

A2X setup is confusing, especially since they have introduced new features and don’t provide 1:1 support. The UI is bloated and often confusing.

What is the top A2X alternative . . .

We tried both Entriwise and Webgility and found taxomate to be the best alternative to A2X. While taxomate doesn’t have the Shopify Integration, it comes out on top in the most important category for the majority of sellers - PRICE. For Amazon Sellers who do wish to integrate with Shopify, A2X may be the better choice.


✅ Price

Taxomate’s 1K Plan, which includes 1,000 orders/month, is only $24 / month.

✅ Full History

taxomate allows you to pull in all the transactional history Amazon will allow.

✅ Unlimited Marketplaces

Connect an unlimited amount of marketplaces to your taxomate account, no regional limitations.

✅ 1:1 Support

taxomate provides 1:1 support through regular or video chat anytime you have questions.

✅ QuickBooks and Xero Integration

Just like A2X, taxomate has complete integration for Amazon Sellers looking to connect QuickBooks or Xero.

✅ Easy to Get Started

taxomate is easy to get started with their quick setup and support is great.

❌ Shopify Integration

taxomate does not integrate with Shopify at this time. However, they plan on working on this.

NOTE: We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with A2X or taxomate. Although the links above may contain affiliate links, the products are judged based on an independent review.

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