Types of Reimbursements

  • Reconcile all transactions

    Reconcile all transactions, including orders, amounted received, returns, and removals.

  • Destroyed by Amazon

    Items destroyed by Amazon without your request or permission.

  • Deduction from inventory

    Deduction from inventory after shipment closed.

  • Customer Refunded Extra

    Customer refunded more than originally paid.

  • Refund Wrongfully Approved

    Per Amazon's policy, a refund was approved past the normal approval window.

  • Amazon Counted Incorrectly

    Amazon improperly received or miscounted items from inbound shipments in past 9 months.

  • Amazon or carrier damaged

    Amazon or carrier damaged inbound shipments in transit, and it has been at least 30 days.

  • Overcharged Weight/Dimensions

    Orders for which the weight fee or dimensional fee has been overcharged.

  • Commission Overcharges

    Orders for which the commission fee has been overcharged.

  • Lost Inventory

    Inventory lost at Amazon warehouse and it has been over 30 days.

  • Damaged Inventory

    Inventory damaged at Amazon warehouse and it has been over 30 days.

  • Replacement Not Returned

    Replacement sent to customer and original never sent back after 45 days.

  • Return Not Reimbursed

    Return has not been properly reimbursed.

  • Amazon Restock Issue

    Amazon reported having placed an item back into your inventory but it has not been replaced.

  • Stock deduction issue

    Stock deducted after shipment was closed.

  • Wrong item returned

    Wrong item returned and scanned to your inventory.

  • No Reimbursement for Chargeback

    Amazon issued a chargeback but didn't reimburse you

  • Damaged Returns

    Amazon or carrier damaged a return.

  • Removal order inventory not received

    Removal order inventory not received.

  • Incorrect Quantity Reimbursement

    Amazon reimbursed you for less quantity than you were supposed to get reimbursed for.

  • Incorrect Reimbursement Value

    Amazon did not reimburse the total amount it should have reimbursed based on the value of item.